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Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital Ratings & Violations

Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital is a 176 “not-for-profit” church-associated medical center providing cares and services to residents of Barrington and Lake County, Illinois. The facility is located at:

450 West Hwy. 22
Barrington, IL 60010
(847) 381-0123

The facility provides various health care services that include:

  • Orthopedics
  • Breast Care
  • Cancer care
  • Surgical services
  • Women’s services
  • bariatric surgery
  • Intermediate care
  • Imaging
  • Vascular and heart care
  • Pain management
  • Stroke care
  • Gastroenterology
  • Fitness and wellness
  • Diabetes program

National Rankings

In an analytical comparison among hospitals and medical centers in the United States, Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital maintains an overall “B-" score in the 42nd percentile. According to Analytics MD, the facility has room for improvement that could include making patient rooms quieter and shortening the length of stay in the emergency department.

Compared to other facilities, the statistical data from the hospital rank significantly low in incoming patient flow (22nd percentile) indicating the efficiency that patients were initially admitted and evaluated, the facility’s discharge patient flow (14 percentile) measures the efficiency of how patients that are less sick or treated and the patient admission flow (24th percentile) measures the efficiency of how sicker patients are admitted to the facility and treated. Even the level of frustrated patients leaving the emergency department was in the 67th percentile, indicating that more than two-thirds of all patients have a level of frustration with the services and cares provide in the emergency room.

State Designations

Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital maintains for specific state designations including:

  • Perinatal II+ – The hospital participates in the Illinois Regional Perineal System initially developed as an effective tool for improving prenatal outcomes for high-risk women of childbearing age along with fetuses or newborns. As a level II+ facility, the hospital provides extended capabilities to ensure the pregnant woman receives intermediate levels of care. While the facility does not operate a neonatal intensive care nursery, a specially trained neonatologist does provide special care when treating newborns in their special care nursery.

The perinatal system ensures that every potential complication of high-risk labor and delivery is handled through specifically coordinated medical and nursing care where the mother is provided ancillary services.

  • Trauma Center Level II – As a Level II Trauma Center, Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital provides coordinated activities that involve pre-hospital and inter-hospital emergency medical services. With care focused on both children and adults, the level II facility provides around-the-clock essential services on-site and makes other services readily available off-site within one hour or less.
  • Magnet Recognition – The American Nurses Association (ANA) subsidiary American Nurses Credentialing Center developed the Magnet recognition program to demonstrate excellent nursing practices in providing quality care to patients. Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital is recognized for providing strong nursing leadership and their commitment to utilizing the best professional nursing practices while emphasizing nursing accountability, patient advocacy, and coordinated care.
  • Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics (EDAP) – The hospital is one of the more than 100 medical centers in Illinois recognized by the Department of Public Health and emergency medical service program for providing essential resources to the community to ensure that the critical and emergency care needs of injured and seriously ill children are met.

In addition, the SCDP (Standby Emergency Department for Pediatrics) recognizes the hospital for providing stabilizing measurements when more definitive pediatric care is required. The hospital specially trains their medical professionals in critical an emergency pediatric care and follows established protocols when treating children who are abused, injured, critically ill are those requiring a transfer to a medical facility providing more specialized care. The hospital provides around-the-clock high-level emergency care to pediatric patients.

Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) and Bloodstream Infections

The state of Illinois utilizes the Standardized Infection Ratio (SIR) system data to determine the rate of surgical site infections associated with coronary artery bypass graft surgeries. This hospital has a standardized infection ratio of 3.48, or five infections occurring in 152 procedures. This number represents a significantly worse ratio (statistically) compared to the national average.

In addition, the Illinois Department of Public Health determined that the facility Onset incident rates for Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) for 2015 were noteworthy. The standardized infection ratio was determined to be 1.3, where there were 37 infections for 44,533 Patient Days. This number was calculated after the fourth day of an inpatient stay at the facility.

Filing a Claim for Financial Compensation

Substandard care provided in a medical center or hospital often leads to a medical malpractice case or lawsuit, where the victim seeks financial recompense from all parties that caused harm or premature death. However, these cases tend to be highly complicated and require the skills of a dedicated, reputable personal injury attorney who specializes in medical cases.

In addition to filing the necessary paperwork, the law firm, working on behalf of the victim, will review all medical records, evaluate the merits of the case and seek expert testimony to build a claim for compensation. The paperwork must be filed in the appropriate court. In Lake County, that location is:

Lake County Circuit Court

18 N. County St.
Waukegan, IL 60085
(847) 377-3380
Circuit Court Clerk Erin Cartwright Weinstein

Sample Medical Malpractice Claims & Settlements Against Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital

$670,000 Settlement; Illinois Failed Diagnosis Lawsuit

The woman who brought this case was sixty-seven. She went to Advocate Good Shepherd’s emergency room in Illinois because she was suffering from chest pain. Staff did an electrocardiogram and that showed ST depressions. Also, her cardiac enzymes displayed raised myoglobin levels. Doctors said she had acid reflux and let her go. Not long after this event, she experienced a heart attack. This led to long-lasting heart damage. She sued the hospital and the attending doctor. She claimed their missed diagnosis and medical malpractice led to these developments. She sought compensation for the long-term suffering, immediate pain, and added expense of the ordeal from them. The doctor settled with her for $670,000. The hospital continued in its case against the woman.

$500,000 Settlement; Illinois Diagnosis Error Lawsuit.

The plaintiff in this cause of action was an eighty-year-old male. He was admitted to Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital for diagnostic purposes. Doctors needed to perform an electrophysiology procedure. In the course of that procedure, the attending physician cut through his carotid artery. The doctor was supposed to puncture his jugular vein. After this diagnostic error, the man sustained a massive brain injury. He also experienced substantial neurological impairment. Though his condition improved dramatically following this unfortunate event, he still suffered greatly throughout the ordeal and it cost him almost $300,000 in medical bills alone. To recoup some of these losses, he sued the hospital and doctor for malpractice. The stark nature of the error led all parties to settle in order to avoid a needless trial. The doctor paid him $450,000 and the hospital paid him $50,000. This low settlement figure reflects the fact of his reduced long-term pain and disability because of his great recovery.

$137,500 Settlement; Illinois IV Malpractice Lawsuit

The plaintiff here was forty-seven years old. He worked as a pilot for a large commercial airline company. This case arose because he went in for surgery at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Illinois. After the operation, he started bleeding. Apparently, it was caused by the improper IV use of Lovenox. Staff started the IV about twenty-four hours too soon. The result was he needed a follow-up procedure called a laparotomy. He sued the hospital. He claimed roughly sixty thousand dollars in medical bills and around forty thousand dollars in lost wages. He said that the defendant’s negligence denied him a promotion at work. The defendant filed a summary reply, but the matter did not proceed all the way through trial. Instead, the parties settled for a reported $137,500.

$1,275,000 Settlement; Illinois Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

The patient in this matter was in her early sixties during the relevant events. She fell at a local grocery store and went to the ER of Advocate Good Shepherd for care. Eventually, they let her go but she came back a few days later because the pain had increased. The attending doctor requested a neurology exam because the woman said her toe was numb. However, by the next day, the exam still had not happened. Staff discovered the woman in her room paralyzed. She sued the doctor and hospital for medical malpractice. The woman claimed $500,000 in medical bills as well as future expenses and suffering in her lawsuit. Her complaint argued that the defendants’ care fell was negligent and fell below the typical standard of care. Then, she offered that their negligence directly caused all of her harms and losses. In a private settlement, all sides settled for a combined sum of $1.275 million.

Chicago Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If you suspect your loved one is the victim of neglect or mistreatment while a patient at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC can provide immediate legal intervention. We urge you to contact our Lake County medical malpractice law firm today by calling (888) 424-5757 to schedule a case evaluation appointment free of charge. You are under no obligation and no upfront fees are required because we accept all personal injury cases on contingency.


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