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Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Ratings & Violations

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital is a 25-bed “not for profit” medical center that provides cares and services to residents of Lincoln and Logan County, Illinois. The facility is located at:

200 Stahlhut Drive
Lincoln, IL 62656
(217) 732-2161

National Rankings

In a comparative analysis involving all medical centers and hospitals throughout the US, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital maintains an overall “A-” score, ranking it in the 73rd percentile. The calculated ranking uses publicly available information including patient flow, patient satisfaction, and reported complications. A low to median score might indicate a high percentage of medical malpractice, mistakes, and errors occurring at the facility.

The emergency department every hospital requires a smooth flow of inpatient and outpatient care to ensure that every patient receives quick treatment without delay. While this facility ranks in the 52nd percentile for incoming patient flow (a measurement of the efficiency of how the patients are initially evaluated) in the 69th percentile and discharged patient flow (a measurement of how efficient less sick individuals are treated), they rank in the 40th percentile for admitted patient flow. This means that the Medical Center is inefficient in handling sicker patients.

According to Analytics MD, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital ranks in the 52nd percentile of frustrated patients, which is a measurement of how frustrated a patient is when leaving the emergency department. However, the overall patient satisfaction at the facility rank in the 93 rd percentile, making it one of the better hospitals in the United States.

Illinois State Designations

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital maintains one specific state designation that includes:

  • Perinatal I – This facility is part of the state’s Regional Perinatal System originally designed to enhance perinatal outcomes of all pregnant women, especially those suffering from a perinatal complication. The program was designed to early identify high-risk childbearing women to ensure they receive adequate treatment at an appropriate level as quickly as possible. As a Level I facility, the hospital offers specialized care to childbearing women experiencing an uncomplicated pregnancy. These patients typically have not previously had any medical complications and do not require the services of a neonatal intensive care unit.

Inpatient Mortality

The Illinois Department of Public Health uses data collected by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to help develop better processes of providing patient care to minimize short-term mortality rates. This information serves as an inpatient quality indicator. For the year 2015, the facility’s inpatient mortality data included:

  • Pneumonia-Related Risk-Adjusted Mortality Rate – 69.34 per 1000 patients. This number was nearly 3 times the state average rate of 23.48 per 1000 patients. Illinois government agencies determined that statistically, this data was significantly worse than the state average.

Bloodstream Infection Data

The state of Illinois considers clinical symptoms and signs of bloodstream infection rates that are acquired at the facility using the Standardized Infection Ratio to measure the numbers of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) rates compared to those statewide. For the year 2015, the facility’s bloodstream infection rate data included:

  • Facility-Acquired Incident Rate of Clostridium Difficile Infections – 2 infections out of 2992 patient days or a Standardized Infection Ratio of 1.49. The state of Illinois determined that this number was “not statistically significantly worse or better than the state and national average.”

Patient Safety Concerns

The Illinois Department of Public Health analyzes data provided by the AHRQ using report card methodologies and risk adjustment rates concerning patient safety. For the year 2015, the hospital’s patient safety concerns involve:

  • Accidental Puncture and Laceration Rate – 3.37 per 1000. The state determined this number was more than half of the Illinois state average of 1.45 per 1000 patients.

Infection Prevention Staffing

The state of Illinois has licensing requirements that mandate every hospital medical facility in the state to develop, implement and enforce infection prevention and control programs. The measurements obtained through a Report Card methodology reveal the number of infection prevention and control staff members for every 100 hospital beds. For 2015, the infection prevention staffing rate at the facility involved:

  • The Number of Infection Prevention And Control Staff Members For Every 100 Beds – 4 per 100 beds.
  • The Number Of CIC (Certified In Infection Control) Infection Prevention And Control Staff Members For Every 100 Beds –– 4 per 100 beds.

Sample Medical Malpractice Lawsuits & Settlements Against Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Estate Sues Hospital after Misplaced Feeding Tube Causes Death

In this recently-filed Illinois lawsuit, a male in his late sixties entered Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital for care and treatment. Specifically, he needed a gastrostomy tube placed down his throat for feedings. Unfortunately, staff at the hospital did not place the tube correctly. Instead of into his stomach, it was put into his lungs. Consequently, he developed peritonitis and died just a few weeks after entering the hospital. This case seeks compensation for this unfortunate chain of events. Misplaced feeding tubs are an unfortunate and avoidable occurrence at hospitals and nursing homes. They cause great harm including death as was the case here. Also, they are typically a blatant sign of misconduct that might warrant damages including compensation for medical bills, pain, suffering, and even a wrongful death.

Improper IV Leads to New Case in Illinois Court

The plaintiff in this newly-filed case was staying at the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital. He was awaiting bypass surgery. The man suffered from serious medical issues including a myocardial infarction as well as ST elevation. To treat this, he needed an IV to thin his blood and inject pain prescriptions straight into his body. From the allegations contained within the complaint, it appears that the hospital staff did not properly handle his IV. They failed to give him the medication or blood thinner he required. Consequently, doctors refused to perform the bypass as scheduled. If successful, the man would be able to receive compensation from the facility for all of the harms this IV mishap caused. These could include the cost of additional care; the physical harm of a missed operation; and the lost chance at recovery or, put another way, the reduced the quality of life that came about from the error.

Broken Bone Leads to Amputation after Hospital Misdiagnosis

In this recent lawsuit, a man was admitted to Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital. He injured his right leg and sought treatment. The attending staff decided to merely put the leg in a split. They also gave him a walking boot to get around better. However, the leg did not get better. The original doctors misdiagnosed the fractured bone. Since they did not put it in a cast, it could not heal adequately. Eventually, they had to go in an operate on the broken bone. Then, the area became infected and surgeons were required to amputate him just below the knee. Obviously, the misdiagnosis of a broken bone could ordinarily warrant a case for negligence. These circumstances fit that trend. Plus, most of the others do not have as much damage as the victim here: disability, disfigurement, pain, reduced quality of life, the list goes on. He can seek compensation for all of these harms and others like hospital bills, lost wages, and like damages.

Emergency Room and Diagnostic Errors Lead to Patient’s Death

This case was brought after a man went in and out of different medical facilities only to pass away on the same night. First, he was admitted to the emergency room of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital for care. However, he coded and had to be sent to a bigger facility nearby. While at that hospital, doctors found that he had intraventricular bleeding. Unfortunately, they were unable to stop its effects. He died that night. Representatives for estate brought an action. They allege that the defendants did not conduct proper testing or perform a sufficient diagnosis. Had they done that, the lawyers claim, the man’s health issues would have been spotted sooner and he might have lived. They are seeking compensation related to the man’s pain and early death as well as all of the expenses that came from this tragedy.

Lincoln Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If your loved one has suffered an injury or died prematurely from medical malpractice at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital, call Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC now. Allow our reputable Lincoln medical malpractice attorneys to handle every aspect of your compensation claim against the hospital, doctors, nurses or medical staff who caused harm to your loved one. Our law firm can ensure all the necessary paperwork is filed in the appropriate courthouse. In Logan County, the courthouse is located at:

P.O. Box 158
Lincoln, IL 62656
(217) 735-2376
Circuit Court Clerk Mary Kelley

Our law firm provides extensive case evaluations at no charge. There is no obligation to discuss the merits of your compensation claim. Call our Logan County Medical Malpractice law offices today at (888) 424-5757. No upfront payments are required because we accept every wrongful death lawsuit and medical malpractice compensation claim on contingency. This means our legal fees are paid only after we have negotiated your out-of-court settlement or won your case at trial.


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