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Our society is literally built upon the efforts of skilled workers. The hard work of men and women is necessary to aid in the construction of our factories, efficiently build our roads, and keep the wheels of our economy moving forward.

As Chicago work accident attorneys, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers knows how common it is for workers to be injured on the job, sometimes purely by accident, other times due to negligence on the part of their employer. Injuries and illnesses that are obtained on the job can put hard working people out of work for days, months and even for the rest of their life.

Our work injury law firm is committed to notifying workers of know their rights and what they are legally financially entitled to under Illinois law. There are many expenses involved with being injured on the job, and many of them can be long-term and cause a hardship on the worker and their family. Contact our Illinois work accident attorneys for a free consultation concerning your legal rights.

Prevalence Of Work Injuries in Cities Like Chicago

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 there were over 3 million work-related illnesses or injuries in the private sector. The majority of these-2.8 million-were injuries. The public sector, making up about 18.5 million workers, also had over 800,000 illnesses or injuries reported. With almost 4 million of these non-fatal incidences happening each year in the U.S., this means that almost 4 out 100 workers will be injured each year. On top of the injuries and illnesses, there were also 4,609 work fatalities in 2011.

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Work injuries can happen at any type of business, but certain jobs are more dangerous than others. Some of the highest rates of injuries are jobs in the physical labor trades such as construction, manufacturing, transportation and agriculture. Whenever a job involves heavy equipment, lifting, driving or working with chemicals, there seems to be a higher incidence of injuries and illnesses. Common types of injuries are:

Seeking Legal Advice For Your Chicago Work Injury Case

When workers are injured in the course of their employment, the injuries impact both the individual and his or her family. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers remains committed to seeing that every Chicago work-injury case is fully investigated and that all parties responsible for the injury are pursued.

Among the Illinois work injury cases that Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers handles include:

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If you are a union worker, skilled trades-person, or just a hard-working person trying to make a living and suffered a serious injury on the job in Illinois, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is committed to maximizing the value of your case in the most expeditious manner possible. We have a team of experts that will investigate the individual circumstances surrounding your injury case and will do the research needed to prove your claim.

Chicago, Illinois Work Accident Attorneys

We would consider it our honor to work on your case and look forward to meeting with you in person, either at our offices or even at the hospital or your home if necessary. As with all of our injury cases, we offer a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney for anyone who has been injured in a work-related incident. We will confidentially discuss your situation and go over possible outcomes so you are aware of what to expect. There is no payment up front, and we only are paid once damages are awarded or a settlement is reached.

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