Uterine Rupture

Uterine Rupture Attorneys & Lawsuits For Injured Women and Children

One of the most severe threats to the health of mother and baby is a uterine rupture during labor and delivery.  Most common in women with prior cesarean sections, surgeries in the uterus or when too much pitocin has been administered, a uterine rupture is when the myometrial wall (uterus) tears and the contents of the uterus spill out into the perionatal cavity.

Risks to mother and child

When a woman suffers from obstetric hemorrhage (uterine rupture), the doctors have to monitor both the mother’s health and the baby’s health.  If the doctors cannot get the bleeding under control or if the baby is in distress, doctors might have to perform an emergency C-section.  Then, if they still cannot get the bleeding under control, a hysterectomy might be required in order to save the mother.

Timely response to signs of distress

Response time is truly of the essence in responding to a uterine rupture.  A delayed response or diagnosis to a uterine rupture can threaten the lives of both mother and baby.  In particular, a delivery teams delayed reaction may account for a mother’s brain damage, heart attack or kidney damage.

Early warnings

In order to minimize the chance of uterine rupture, doctors and medical staff should conduct a complete health history of the mother and keep careful watch over baby’s fetal heart rate, as a deterioration in the heart rate may be an indication of a potential uterine rupture or hemorrhage.

Chicago medical malpractice attorneys concentrating in birth injuries- including uterine rupture

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is keenly aware of the safety threats to mother and baby during the labor and delivery process.  If you, your spouse or child has suffered an injury following a uterine rupture or hemorrhage during delivery, our birth injury attorneys would be honored to discuss your legal options without charge or obligation.


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