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Birth Delivery Injury Lawyers For Newborns & Mothers

With all the new technologies available to guide physicians in the care of patients, the practice of medicine is still very much reliant upon the good judgment and deft hands of a treating physician.  Particularly during the birth delivery process, a gentle touch is necessary for doctors to safely deliver healthy babies.

Taking affirmative action to keep baby and mother safe

When circumstances change and distress is apparent in mother or baby, physicians may need to use maneuvering techniques to help position the baby or remove them from the birth canal.  Some delivery techniques may be performed manually (with the physicians hands) or with the use of forceps or vacuum extractor.

Quick thinking, complications avoided

When performed properly, advanced delivery techniques can be helpful in preventing complications.  However, when maneuvers are performed incorrectly, hurriedly, or with too much force, the consequences can be life changing—for both child and mother.

Improper delivery techniques may cause the following birth injuries in children:

Improper delivery techniques cause the following injuries to mothers:

  • Severe tearing
  • Nerve damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Lacerations
  • Death
A gut feeling, a potential indication of mistakes

Don’t assume that unusual circumstances dictated that a physician use improper delivery technique.  Doctors are trained to perform necessary maneuvers as the need arises.  Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers have experience with complex birth injury cases and can help determine if a doctor’s conduct is responsible for an injury in mother or child.  When negligence is involved, we will seek the maximum compensation under the law to ease some of the financial pressures that many families encounter when special accommodations are necessary to care for a disabled child.

Before you assume that your child’s condition was inevitable, talk to our team of medical negligence attorney who have an impression track record of success when it comes to prevailing in significant birth injury matters. Let us take the lead in your families quest for justice. Contact us today.


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