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The Chicago nursing home attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers have experience handling elder abuse lawsuits across Illinois. Our office is uniquely positioned to help individuals and families who have suffered abuse or neglect at a skilled nursing facility as we have successfully resolved nursing home lawsuits involving most major chains and stand-alone operations. The goal of our Chicago nursing home lawyers is to address every case on its own merits to ensure that we recover the maximum compensation from all responsible parties.

If you believe that your loved one has been mistreated, injured or abused at an Illinois nursing home call or complete our free case review form to see if our Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers may be able to assist you in filing a lawsuit against the facility to recover damages for your loss. Our nursing home negligence law firm is committed to fully prosecuting negligent facilities and handles cases across Illinois.

A Duty to Safeguard Nursing Home Patients From Harm and Injury

When a person is placed in an Illinois nursing home, the individual and his or her family are entitled to expect that the person will receive proper care and will be treated with dignity.

Nursing home neglect — or perhaps more accurately, the failure of a facility to properly attend to the needs of its patients — is a problem encountered in all types of nursing homes across the country. Chicago Nursing Home Attorneys See Epidemic of Patient Neglect at Many Facilities
Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers took care of business when it came to handling my mother’s bed sore lawsuit. Jonathan, Mark and Jennifer are all extremely pleasant people to work with and they were extremely patient with me in terms of explaining the legal process. I am more than satisfied with the financial recovery and would definitely recommend this office to any family coping with a similar situation.
Phyllis S.

A primary cause of nursing home neglect may be an influx of corporations entering the nursing home industry. In many of these cases, the companies’ motive is purely profit-driven, with quality of patient care coming a distant second. Frequently, we see corporate owners trim staff at nursing homes to bare-bones levels and utilize less-experienced, lower-salaried staff instead of more experienced workers.

These major changes in the nursing home industry are having a direct impact on patient care. We are seeing more instances of abuse, neglect, and patient injury than we saw in the past as corporate owners strive to maximize the profitability of their facilities by reducing the care dispensed to patients.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect in Your Loved One

The signs of neglect or poor care of a nursing home patient care vary widely. In most cases, the family of an individual is in the best position to evaluate if their loved one was was receiving inferior care.  Some signs of deficient care may have a gradual onset and may not always be apparent during regular visits. However, experts commonly identify the following warning signs of systemic nursing home neglect:

  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Change in demeanor, anger
  • Pressure sores
  • Dirty conditions
Abusive Nursing Home Care at Even the Most Respected Illinois Facilities

Physical and emotional abuse has no place in any environment– especially one that is designed to care for our elders. Unfortunately, we continually see abusive acts carried out against our loved ones by nursing home staff, visitors and other patients. As hurtful as these episodes are for family members to learn of, taking action is not only a right granted pursuant to the Nursing Home Care Act of Illinois, the well-being of other patients at the facility is very much dependent upon the exposure of abusive conduct. How else will these atrocities come to light?

Chicago Nursing Home Lawyers: Advocates of the neglected & abused in facilities within Illinois

The Illinois nursing home attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers are proud to be a recognized leader in the field of nursing home litigation. With an expansive network of nursing experts, physicians and legal colleagues, we are ready to see that nursing homes and their corporate owners are held fully responsible for poor and abusive care as exemplified by:

Jonathan Rosenfeld, founder of and lead attorney at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, is an active member of the American Association of Justice’s Nursing Home Litigation Group, a group of trial attorneys dedicated to representing the individuals and families who have been harmed or killed due to poor care in nursing homes. Mr. Rosenfeld has garnered the respect of his peers in the group and others throughout the country and is regularly called upon to assist in nursing home litigation matters in Illinois and in other jurisdictions across the country.

My family had a positive experience working with RIL, despite the unfortunate circumstances. While the nursing home attempted to deny and defend every claim that was alleged against them, our lawyers showed them what really happened. It meant a lot for me to have a law firm who believed in our case—and Rosenfeld certainly did.
Michelle K.
There is No Cost or Obligation to Speak to Some of the Most Respected Chicago Nursing Home Lawyers About Your Case

If you are concerned about the care of a loved one at an Illinois nursing home, contact our office today for a free explanation of your legal rights by attorneys who have experience litigating Chicago nursing home abuse cases. Unfortunately, situations involving inferior care are rarely resolved without some intervention.

Our experience and track record of superior case results has earned us a reputation as true legal advocates who are willing to do what it takes to provide the best possible results for our clients. As a result of our achievements, we receive many referrals from our peers in the legal community who know that when we handle a case– it will be handled with integrity and uncompromising zealousness.

Take the steps today to protect your loved one and others in their situation from further harm. (847) 835-8895 by taking a stand against bad care.

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