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As a Chicago personal injury lawyer, I see firsthand the atrocities associated with trampoline usage.  It seems no matter how many times families are presented with statistics about scary trampoline injuries, many parents are simply unwilling to take a trampoline out of their backyard.  So the question remains, if we can’t convince people to remove trampolines, should we simply advocate a safer product?

What child has not at one point or another begged their parents for a trampoline? And who can blame them? If jumping on a bed is fun, jumping on a spring-loaded device made to propel you in the air and bounce you back up again is a riot. Unfortunately, the injury statistics for trampolines over the last few decades have also proved that it is also extremely unsafe. Strides have been made to make the trampoline safer for home use, but have these attempts been successful?

Trampoline Injuries

Of course the warmer weather excites me after suffering through another winter.  For all of the Springtime excitement, I cringe when I see people dragging the trampolines that had been sitting idly in the dark confines of their yard into the prime real estate of the backyards.

Common dangers going ignored

Without a second thought, many parents will drag out trampolines of all types into use for their children to jump, flop and somersault on during the summer.