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Medical malpractice harming adults is tragic enough, but each year brain injury at birth causes life-long disabilities. Cerebral palsy at birth can be related to prenatal issues, but some causes are the direct responsibility of the professionals performing the delivery.

Unnecessary use of delivery tools.

Delivery forceps and vacuum extractors can be medically necessary, but some doctors recommend their use when a natural childbirth will do the job. Others use the tools too forcefully. Either case can lead to brain injuries and cerebral palsy. In some cases, the necessity of the tool indicates earlier problems the doctor might have identified earlier.

The nature of our law practice deals with a significant number of serious personal injury and medical malpractice cases that usually involve complex issues.  Recognizing that there’s far more to most of these cases than what we address on our individualized practice area pages, we have now added a new ‘Articles‘ section to our firm’s website.  Our new section for articles will address newsworthy topics and common legal issues that many of our clients are coping with.

Be sure to regularly check back with us as this new feature is sure to become a valuable legal resource for both individuals and families seeking relevant materials on issues that continually arise in different types of personal injury, cerebral palsy, nursing home injury and wrongful death matters.   Here is a sampling of our recent legal articles:

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  • As lawyers who frequently represent families in nursing home negligence and medical malpractice cases, we know overwhelming the the situation can be from both an emotional and financial perspective.  Complicating the situation even further was the fact that families were typically not given an opportunity to access their loved ones medical charts without seeking court involvement.

    Thankfully, the Illinois legislature recognized this significant hardship put upon grieving families and introduced legislation to streamline the process of obtaining the medical records for the deceased.  This legislation will add much needed transparency to situations where a family has questions concerning the suspicious care of a loved one– or even if they wish to obtain the records for other purposes.

    The new legislation provides: 735 ILCS 5/8-2001.5 

    Elsie Soto, a single mom from Miami, says the pain from a botched liposuction surgery at Strax Rejuvenation still makes her cry herself to sleep.

    “I’m not as happy. I’m very depressed,” said Soto, who sat next to her lawyer in a recent informational video for women considering plastic surgery. “I can’t concentrate at my job like I used to. Just because of the pain, my mind goes blank.”

    CBS Atlanta investigates the “LifeStyle Lift”

    Founding attorney, Jonathan Rosenfeld, has been recognized in the 2012 edition of Illinois Super Lawyers.  For the fifth consecutive year, Rosenfeld has been included as an Illinois Super Lawyer’s Rising Star.  The Super Lawyer selection process counts votes from lawyers in the community who have personally worked with candidates as part of the selection process.  Further, lawyers selected for this honor must be in good standing with the Illinois Supreme Court.