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Elsie Soto, a single mom from Miami, says the pain from a botched liposuction surgery at Strax Rejuvenation still makes her cry herself to sleep.

“I’m not as happy. I’m very depressed,” said Soto, who sat next to her lawyer in a recent informational video for women considering plastic surgery. “I can’t concentrate at my job like I used to. Just because of the pain, my mind goes blank.”

CBS Atlanta investigates the “LifeStyle Lift”

Soto is one of at millions of women who go under the knife each year, and one of thousands who’ve decided on surgery at a major “chain” like Strax.

Big business in cosmetic surgery chains

Though no “official” figures exist about the business practices of “chains,” strong evidence suggests that several may routinely be putting their patients in danger. Web sites like and are filled with accounts of botched surgeries, terrifying scars, and horrendous complications – particularly from the chains Strax and LifeStyle Lift.

Patients getting more than they anticipated

“The procedure was horrific and scary,” said one former patient, of a LifeStyle Lift clinic in Virginia. “The pain from numerous and repeated facial injections caused my hands tremble and shake, and was only the beginning of my horrible experience.”

The “LifeStyle Lift,” according to the company’s Web site, is a “quick and easy” procedure that’s “specifically designed to tighten the jowls and neck.”

Patients, however, say it’s anything but “quick and easy.” Many claim they could feel “at least 15-20 needles” being inserted into their face at the beginning of the procedure – an excruciating way to receive local anesthesia. Patients also claim they could “feel skin burning” and “hear blood pooling in their ears.”

“I had no idea that I would have my earlobes cut off my face and sewn back on,” said one former LifeStyle Lift patient, speaking anonymously on the Web site “There are women who have been physically scarred for life because of this outfit.”

Presently, LifeStyle Lift has more than forty locations in 22 states. It boasts on its website that it’s performed more than 130,000 procedures in the past ten years.

Plastic surgery malpractice cases

As a medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago, I see clear and disturbing patterns of abuse at Strax and LifeStyle Lift. The sheer scale of botched procedures – along with the scope of immorality from doctors – is truly mind-boggling. I suspect that, due to the topic’s sensitive nature, many patients have yet to come forward with their own horror stories.

If you or a family member are a victim of a negligent plastic surgery procedure at either Strax, Lifestyle  Lift or similar plastic surgery center, you might have grounds for a lawsuit. We would be honored to offer you a free and confidential consultation.