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The nature of our law practice deals with a significant number of serious personal injury and medical malpractice cases that usually involve complex issues.  Recognizing that there’s far more to most of these cases than what we address on our individualized practice area pages, we have now added a new ‘Articles‘ section to our firm’s website.  Our new section for articles will address newsworthy topics and common legal issues that many of our clients are coping with.

Be sure to regularly check back with us as this new feature is sure to become a valuable legal resource for both individuals and families seeking relevant materials on issues that continually arise in different types of personal injury, cerebral palsy, nursing home injury and wrongful death matters.   Here is a sampling of our recent legal articles:

Scientists at Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University say they’ve made a breakthrough in treating cerebral palsy – on a microscopic level, at least.

Researchers claim they’ve found a way to replicate so-called “myelinating cells” – cells with the essential protein myelin – in a way that benefits humans.

“The ability to produce functional cells that restore myelin in mice…provides a solid framework to produce analogous human cells,” said Robert Miller, vice-dean for research at the Case Western Reserve Medical School.

As medical malpractice lawyers involved in the litigation of cerebral palsy cases, we frequently encounter parents looking for information about their child’s condition and prognosis.  Inspired by devoted parents, our team has created Cerebral Palsy FAQ, a new web-resource to assist in proving reliable information for this complex medical condition.

Utilizing a format similar to our popular Bed Sore FAQ  site, we have compiled many of the questions and resources that have been suggested by our client’s who have children diagnosed with birth injuries such as cerebral palsy (CP).

The thrust of Cerebral Palsy FAQ obviously concentrates on discussion of important topics in the areas of: