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Although some professionals argue restraints are necessary to prevent injury in some patients, a Harvard Center for Risk Analysis study estimates as many as 150 deaths annually from improper use of physical and chemical restraints.

This kind of abuse might be nursing home negligence, or outright and intentional harm. In either case, a nursing home lawyer can help identify those responsible and bring them to justice for their actions.

In nursing homes that overuse restraint, the cause is frequently understaffing at the facility. Overworked nursing home staffers lack the time to properly oversee every patient, and can suffer from a condition called compassion fatigue that leads them to abuse or neglect those in their care.

Nursing home negligence and abuse affect 30 percent of care facilities nationwide, and cause as many as 5,000 deaths annually. Although this means the statistics favor appropriate care, the pain of abuse is very real for its victims.

Abuse and neglect happen for a variety of reasons. Some are the fault of a facility, while others have an individual staffer to blame. Regardless of why it happens, it’s important to stay vigilant for signs that your family might be suffering abuse or neglect.

1. Inadequate Background Checks