Injury Types

Understanding complex medicine is crucial to effectively presenting your case to a jury or insurance carrier

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers firmly believes that in order to provide the best representation for our clients, we must be familiar with the type of injury that they have sustained. After all, how else can a lawyer effectively represent an injured person if we cannot explain the mechanics, medical care and resulting prognosis to a jury?

Advocates for your unique circumstance and type of injury

Personal injury attorneys in our Chicago, Illinois office spend a considerable amount of time meeting with treating physicians, retained experts and consultants to get a complete analysis of the full extent of the injury and the impact it will have on our client’s life.

Attorney Jonathan Rosenfeld of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers regularly attends medical conferences to learn the latest developments in areas of medicine that continually affect clients. While the conferences are not mandatory and he receives no continuing legal education credit for his attendance, staying abreast of the most current developments allows him to both advocate for clients as well effectively take the depositions of treating physicians as well as those retained be defense law firms to dispute the extent of our clients injuries.

Attorneys who appreciate the current and future needs of the injured person

When a person suffers a significant injury in an accident, they have one opportunity to avail themselves to compensation under the law. As lawyers who have help 1,000’s of clients with significant injuries we are mindful of these concerns and prepare every case in manner to address their immediate and long-term needs to ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet these challenges in the future. Our considerable experience with life-altering injury cases has prepared us well to help you and your family during a time of uncertainty and fear.

A law firm with a proven record of excellence for assisting seriously injured clients

Our years of representing clients with complex injuries enable us to evaluate cases at an early stage and to utilize experts within specific fields in order to effectively establish damages and to move cases towards resolution in a timely manner. No matter how complex your personal injury or medical malpractice case may be, we never shy away from taking on difficult matters.  Call our office today and arrange for a free consultation to see if our office is a good fit for you.

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