Injury or Death of Mother During Childbirth

Attorneys Prosecuting Cases Involving Death Of Mother During Labor & Delivery

It wasn’t long ago that childbirth was commonly viewed as one of life’s most dreaded experiences by women. Going back to the 18th century, the maternal death rate was an alarming 12%! Moreover, complications such as dehydration, hemorrhage, convulsion and infection were an accepted part of the birthing process.

Advances in medical technology, a safer environment for mom?

Thankfully, advancements in modern medicine have dramatically reduced the incidence of pregnancy and delivery complications in women. However, as with all areas of medicine, it is ultimately up to physicians and medical staff to monitor for complications and implement treatment as needed.


Part of a normal pregnancy development is the body’s increased production in blood volumes. However in some women, the progression in blood volumes is accompanied by a steep increase in blood pressure. Women who have had ‘normal’ blood pressure readings prior to pregnancy and then experience high blood pressure combined with heightened protein levels in urine are categorized as having preeclampsia.

When untreated or undiagnosed, preeclampsia can result in serious— and even deadly complications for both mother and baby. Given the universally accepted dangers associated with preeclampsia, doctors should be mindful of the risk and carefully monitor women with the condition.

Post-delivery infections

The nature of a vaginal delivery exposes women to a variety of medical instruments, medical personnel and medical facilities that must be kept in a sterile condition. In addition to the normal trauma inherent with a ‘normal’ delivery for a woman, many minor and very ordinary complications such as: vaginal tears, episiotomy incisions and fissures may further expose a woman to unwanted bacteria or unsanitary techniques.

Caesarean sections present additional risks and complications due to infection and improper surgical technique. Doctors performing the procedure must be mindful of the risk of excessive bleeding and uterine infections when closing the incisions made through the uterus and abdominal wall.

Maternal death attorneys

Indeed the death of a mother during or after the birth of a child is not a normal occurrence. Consequently, all maternal death cases need to be carefully evaluated to determine where the the error may have occurred. Our medical malpractice lawyers in Chicago, IL can not only explain why the situation occurred, but also work to provide your family with the resources necessary to help compensate you and your children for their loss. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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