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Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers For People With Fractures From Accidents

When extreme stress is put upon our bodies in an accident, the forces may result in the bone giving way in the form of a fracture or break. Although one person’s bones may be more susceptible to fractures due to diminished bone density or age, that is irrelevant under the law. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers appreciates the impact a fracture can have on an individual in terms of the immediate pain and residual disability. Our Chicago law office regularly represents people who have sustained broken bones in the following types of cases: automobile accidents, falls, nursing home abuse, bicycle crashes, motorcycle crashes and other work-related incidents.

We invite you to discuss your Chicago broken bone accident case with an attorney today-- for free. We offer free case reviews of Illinois personal injury cases involving fractures. Our law firm is experienced with getting individuals compensation for their pain and medical expenses related to bone fractures sustained in accidents. We are headquartered in Chicago and handle cases across Illinois.

Condition of the injured party at the time of the incident is irrelevant when making a recovery for an fracture sustained in an accident under Illinois law

Put another way, if a fracture is due to the negligence of another party, the injured person is entitled to recover for the resulting medical expenses, pain and disability — both sustained in the past and likely required in the future. As long as there is sufficient medical testimony to establish the causation aspect of a fracture, a person or entity responsible for causing the accident may be held legally responsible for the ensuing damages.

Elderly at risk for serious fractures- even minor trauma

The severity of the fracture is usually dependent upon both the mechanism of the injury and the physical condition of the person. As we age, our bones become thinner and more brittle. Even a ‘minor’ accident can have a horrific impact on an elderly person due the magnitude of the fracture. The elderly are particularly at risk for developing complex fractures due to accidents and falls that may require surgery to stabilize the fracture with hardware (known as open reduction, internal fixation ORIF) and extended rehabilitation.

Special considerations for children with fractures

Children are also at risk for sustaining fractures due to falls and trauma. While fractures of younger children’s bones are more likely to heal faster than an older person’s, doctors must evaluate every child-related fracture to determine if the fracture involves the growth plate. When the fracture does involve the growth plate, doctors may need to monitor the child for several years to ensure that there is no impact on the growing process.

Evaluating Chicago accident cases involving bone fractures to help maximize your financial recovery

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has helped recover significant damages for many clients who have sustained fractures in various types of accidents. Put our experience to work for you. As Chicago fracture accident lawyers who work on personal injury cases, we offer free, no-obligation consultations at your home or hospital room. Moreover, we offer a no fee guarantee: if our office cannot get a recovery for you, then our services are free.

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