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As if the pain and humiliation associated with the development of pressure sores wasn’t enough, medical complications frequently arise after a patient has developed advanced wounds or the wounds do not receive proper medical treatment.

A code of silence at medical facilities

In some circumstances, families may never have been told about the initial pressure sore until their loved one was taken to a hospital or medical center for treatment related to the subsequent pressure sore complication. At this point the wound has usually progressed to a dangerous and painful level that needs medical treatment such as surgical procedures or wound management techniques as well as oral and topical medications. The family is usually more concerned with the loved ones health then investigating how the pressure sore developed in the first place.

Uncovering neglect

Many cases involving pressure sore complications can be difficult to pursue from a legal perspective without a supportive opinion from a treating physician. It is important that any case of possible negligent care such as the case with pressure sores be handled carefully and by experienced legal professionals. The bed sore litigation team at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers regularly work on cases involving pressure sores and their subsequent complications including:

Infections are common in latter stage pressure sores, which can spread throughout the victim’s body, as is the case in sepsis and meningitis. These can lead to organ failure and even death for the patient, especially in fragile individuals with pre-existing health problems. Since many victims are elderly and have other medical problems, the complications can be severe.

A study was done on the pressure ulcer mortality rate. Between 1990 and 2001, there were 114,380 deaths attributed to pressure sores, a rate of 4 per 100,000 persons in the U.S. 80% of these were in persons of 75 years of age or more and septicemia was cited as the most common complication that was present. However, that number seems to be on the rise as the elderly population increases as it is now thought that 60,000 people die each year due to pressure sores and their complications.

Future complications created by the development of bed sores

Pressure sores that are left untreated or improperly treated can have devastating results. In rare circumstance, there is even a possibility of malignant tumors that are extremely aggressive and are usually fatal. Even if the wounds heal, the scar tissue that remains is highly susceptible to recurrence of pressure sores as it is inferior to healthy skin in its resiliency. For those who have been victim to negligent care that resulted in a pressure sore, the possibility of future complications must be considered as well.

Attorneys who prosecute cases where patients have developed complications related to their pressure sore

Most pressure sore rapidly deteriorate and become infected further exacerbating the extent of the original wound.  When medical facilities allow a wound to develop and it later becomes infected, the facility is generally responsible for the subsequent complications.  As attorneys who prosecute pressure sore cases have assembled a team of seasoned nurses and doctors to fully evaluate all aspects of pressure sore cases– including all types of complications related to the wound. Put our team to work for you today.

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