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Burns are some of the most painful and disabling injuries that affect our clients at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers. More than 500,000 people who are burned every year require medical attention. A significant percentage of burns are due to accidents that are the fault of another person. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers recognizes the impact a burn injury can have on an individual and regularly pursues lawsuits ensure our clients past and future needs are addressed.

Burns: horrific, unexpected injuries that last a lifetime

No one ever expects to suffer a burn– either at home, work or at an institutional facility. While a serious burn can result in an almost infinite variety of settings, our law firm has represented individuals who have sustained burns in the following circumstances:

Burns are categorized according to severity

The medical community has a staging scale to help in the assessment and and treatment of burns.  The scale uses different objective characteristics to assess the severity of the burns a sliding scale of first to fourth degree severity.

1st Degree Burns

As the least severe type of burn, first degree burns are characterized by damage to the epidermis– the outmost layer of skin.  First degree burns can be readily treated with ice and cold water to minimize the pain and swelling.  A first degree burn may be caused by hot water or sun exposure and will usually heal without the need for medical intervention.

2nd Degree Burns

Second degree burns (partial thickness burns) are characterized by damage both the epidermis (outer layer) and dermis (underlying layer).  Second degree burns can be identified by blistering, redness and swelling. Frequently caused by scalding liquids or flames, second degree burns are painful and commonly leave residual scars.

3rd Degree Burns

Progressing on the burn severity scale, third degree burns effect the full thickness of the skin and muscle.  Unlike second degree burns where the pain inducing nerves remain intact, third degree burns are typically not as painful because the nerves, sweat glands and hair follicles are usually destroyed.  Third degree burns can be caused by a variety of factors including: chemicals, open flames, steams or electricity. Patients with third degree burns usually require the specialized care of a burn center and may require extended hospitalizations.

4th Degree Burns

Fourth degree burns impact the skin, muscle and bone.  Unlike other burns where a patient may resume some activities, patients with fourth degree burns suffer permanent disability as they may require amputation of limbs. Fires in homes, factories or high-voltage electrical shock. Fourth degree bur

Medical care for burn injuries

Depending on the severity of the burn, a surgery such as a skin graft may be necessary to relieve some of the pain and minimize some of the disfigurement that accompanies most burns. Even after the initial surgery, victims of burn injuries face a series of obstacles in their recovery as they are susceptible to infection and other complications. A legal action for a burn accident can recover many of these significant expenses for both past and future medical needs.

Chicago burn injury attorneys representing people who have sustained burns due to the negligence of others

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers takes burn cases seriously and invests the necessary time and resources to secure the most favorable outcome possible. In some burn cases, we will use professional photographers to accurately depict the full extent of the disfigurement and scarring related to burns. In other significant burn and scald injury cases, our Illinois burn accident lawyers frequently consult with physical medicine rehabilitation experts who can describe what the future medical needs of our client may be.

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