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In many ways, assisted living centers are the gateway between independent living and full nursing care facilities. Although residents at assisted living centers have more independence and are generally in better health than nursing homes, they still depend on the caregivers at the facility for many of their needs. It is this reliance that can put many elderly living in these facilities at risk of injury, neglect and even abuse by poorly managed assisted care centers. The Chicago assisted living accident attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers are committed to holding facilities in Illinois responsible for the injury they cause to their residents.

Safe Environment Required For Illinois Assisted Living Residents

Assisted living centers are required to provide a safe environment for their residents and protect them from harm. Many of the elderly that live in these facilities have deteriorating health and may become increasingly dependent on the caregivers to protect them from injury. When staff is negligent in monitoring their patients and their changing needs, accidents can happen. Some injuries that may occur in an assisted living facility are:

  • Falls. Elderly people over 65 years of age are highly susceptible to injury from falls. According to the CDC, 1 out of 3 older adult falls each year, with over 19,000 having fatal injuries from falls in 2009. Assisted living centers must provide a safe environment that prevents these deadly falls.

  • Malnutrition. If residents are not given proper nutrition their health will be affected. Many elderly have specific diet needs that must be met to ensure they are getting the nutrition they need.

  • Supervision. Although assisted living is not full nursing care, they still have a responsibility to supervise their residents. When there is inadequate staff to monitor and supervise residents, injuries may occur that could have been prevented.

Abusive Conditions Commonly Found In Assisted Living Facilities In Illinois

Unfortunately, abuse is all too common at assisted living centers. Although those who live in these facilities may be more mobile and have better cognitive function than those in a nursing home, they are still easy targets for abuse and neglect. These care facilities have an obligation to keep their residents safe from abuse and neglect from staff and caregivers. Types of abuse and neglect that can occur are:

  • Physical. Using physical force to hurt or discipline residents should never be tolerated.

  • Emotional. Harassing, bullying and emotionally abusing residents can be just as destructive as any other kind of abuse.

  • Sexual. Assisted living centers have a responsibility to protect those under their care from sexual abuse both from workers and other residents.

  • Financial. An increasingly common abuse of the elderly is financial abuse. These facilities need to protect those who depend on them from workers that steal and embezzle money and identities.

  • Neglect. Those who live in assisted living still may have some independence but do require assistance. Neglecting their nutritional, medical or personal hygiene should never be tolerated.

Legal Help For Those Mistreated At Assisted Living Facilities in Chicago, Illinois

No one deserves to be treated poorly or be injured while under the care of an assisted living facility. If you or a family member has been abused, neglected or injured while living at one of these centers, you may be able to receive compensation for these transgressions. Talk with a trusted barrister before you consider discussing your situation with an insurance company or representative from a facility. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has represented many families who have members that have been injured while residing at an Illinois assisted living facility. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case and only charge a fee if we win a financial award for your injury.

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