Should Motorcycle Riders Be Afraid of the Dark?

Seasoned motorcycle riders have long known that taking to the open roads at night is an exhilarating and rewarding experience. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle at night can be extremely dangerous because some motorists often do not see the bike in time to respond safely. Even so, should motorcycle riders be afraid of the dark or are there effective tips for riding safer at night? Not only is your vision decreased as the sun sets, but the vision of every driver… more »

Hip Fractures Pose Significant Risk in Elderly

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Hip fractures in elderly patients can result in severe complications which include a significant chance of mortality. As patients age, they experience an elevated risk of suffering a fracture during a fall, making it extremely important that nursing care staff take appropriate measures to prevent falls. Hip injuries impair mobility and often require surgical treatment followed by a long and painful recovery. It is during this recovery process that many elderly patients experience severe and sometimes life threatening complications… more »

Perhaps Tracy Morgan Trucking Accident Will Make Things Safer for Everyone

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There may be some significant changes to the trucking industry following the tragic accident involving Tracy Morgan on the New Jersey Turnpike. However, innovative changes in trucking safety following a catastrophic accident with a celebrity are nothing new. In the 1960s, Jayne Mansfield, a movie star and pinup model died in a horrific car accident when her vehicle rear-ended a semi-truck at high speed. All adult passengers seated upright in Mansfield’s car died instantly in the crash from head injury… more »

Safe Etiquette for Group Motorcycle Riding

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Group etiquette rules transforms group riding into a safe and fun experience for all motorcycle riders. The following group riding etiquettes are based on several different aspects such as logic, tactics as well as sound common sense. The rules for group riding range from basic to more evolved concepts where beginners may want to understand the formations and rules from scratch while more seasoned riders may want to brush up on old concepts before joining in a group ride. Motorcycle… more »

Hysterectomy Device Shown to Spread ‘Hidden’ Cancers

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For nearly two decades, power morcellator laparoscopic procedures have been considered a safe alternative to traditional gynecological surgeries for removing uterine fibroids. The small laparoscopic medical device is equipped with rotating blades used to grind away dense fibroids on the uterine wall. Unfortunately, based on the device’s design and use in laparoscopic procedures, the morcellator is believed to spread undetected cancer throughout the patient’s pelvis and abdomen. During an open morcellator procedure, the moving blades can throw or disperse cancerous… more »

Nursing Home Abuse Allegations Rarely Investigated

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The incident rate of abuse on the elderly living in nursing homes is a significant subject, especially for families looking for a facility to care for an aging loved one. Unfortunately, numerous reports and studies are showing how allegations of neglect and abuse of nursing home residents are often under-reported or rarely investigated.

A High Incident Rate

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of HHS (Health and Human Services) notes that nearly one out of every… more »

Does Uber Ridesharing Have Sufficient Liability Insurance?

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In February 2013, Uber began offering many American communities low cost reliable ridesharing transportation. The company is one of a few popular car-for-hire services that provide rides as an on-demand alternative to taxis. Because of its popularity, fleet operators and taxi drivers have felt threatened by the company that is only minimally regulated. These long-standing competitive companies have brought the convoluted insurance problems of Uber to the forefront. Uber provides a valuable and affordable service because pricing varies greatly by… more »

Chicago Plans on Expanding Divvy Bike Sharing Program

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Chicago’s plan to expand the Divvy bicycle-sharing program has hit another pothole, making many self-propelled commuters wait until the spring of 2015 to grab a bike and go. The expansion plan calling for an additional 1750 bicycles and another 175 stations continues to be behind schedule. The original plan to expand down to 75th St. and up to Thule Avenue has been delayed due to bankruptcy proceedings involving a Montreal-based business supplying equipment to the program. Even with the seven… more »

Nature vs. Nurture: The Debate over Breed-Specific Legislation for Dogs

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Many local governments, including those in the Chicago Metropolitan area, continue to debate legislation prohibiting ownership of some breed-specific dogs, including pit bulls. The epidemic of dog bites has long been of great concern to insurance companies, humanitarians, canine professionals and others. Reports of children being maimed or killed by pit bulls and other dog breeds are continually splashed across newspapers and the nightly news. But exactly what can be done? There are arguments for and against any type of… more »

Illinois Ponders New Licensing Requirements for Larger Motorcycles

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Instructors of motorcycle safety classes in Illinois are realizing many of their graduated students are buying large racing bikes with the capacity to travel at high speeds, even though the riders are not trained properly to handle it. The power and weight of large motorcycles are often very challenging to operate, especially at high speeds. Passing tests performed on smaller motorcycles does not provide adequate training for a larger bike. As a result, the state of Illinois is contemplating creating… more »