About Us

With an exclusive concentration in personal injury matters, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers are committed to helping individuals and families obtain the best possible resolution for their personal injury case.  Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers have both the legal expertise and passion to tackle any obstacles that likely will be encountered in the litigation process.

Our commitment to providing the best legal service for you and your family

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers are a group of dedicated attorneys, headed by Jonathan Rosenfeld, that remain dedicated to assuring that each every client receives personalized attention.  In this sense we pledge the following:

  • Clients have access to attorneys at all times—from case investigation through case resolution
  • The necessary resources will be invested in your case to maximize the chances of a recovery for you
  • To communicate with you through the duration of your case
  • Never to work for corporations or physicians

How we handle personal injury, medical device and medical negligence cases

While we are proud of some of our record-setting recoveries on behalf of our clients, we feel like our biggest sign of success is the fact that most of our cases continue to be referred to us by former clients and other attorneys in the legal community— the people who are really in the know! Don’t let the costs of litigation get in your way.  Most of our personal injury matters care handled on a contingency fee arrangement—with an attorneys’ fee only charged if there is a recovery for you. If there is no recovery for you– our services are completely free.

Selecting a personal injury lawyer that’s good fit for your needs

We understand that the selection of an attorney can be a difficult decision—particularly when you are faced with the inherent stresses that follow a major accident, injury or loss of a family member. We also appreciate the fact that there are many lawyers who may solicit your business which can make the processing of selecting a law firm even more difficult.

Just because a person is a licensed attorney does not mean that they are well suited for your particular needs.  The selection of a lawyer for a serious accident or wrongful death case is an important decision and may make a huge impact on the outcome of your case.  Important considerations include:

  • What is the law firm’s experience with your particular case?: Illinois prohibits attorneys from promoting themselves as ‘specialist’ in a particular area of law. However, as a perspective client you may ask any attorney about similar cases they’ve had relating to your circumstance.
  • What type of work their office handles?: Does the attorney handle serious accident cases exclusively– or does he or she handle a variety of cases which may be completely unrelated to your situation?
  • Does the law firm ever represent corporate clients or insurance companies?: If so, an inherent conflict may exist
  • What is the attorney’s rate of success with your case?: Success tends to breed success.  However, you may be suspicious of anyone who boasts a completely unblemished track record. Real lawyers who try cases are never successful 100% of the time.
  • Do you like the lawyer as a person?: You will likely be working with the attorney you hire for an extended period of time. You should hire someone who is pleasant and treats you with respect.

Talk an experienced team of personal injury lawyers– today

If you or a family member was a victim of another person’s negligence and sustained a serious injury or death, we invite you to speak to Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers for a complimentary and confidential consultation.  We know you have questions and we are here to answer them. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers are available 24-hours per day when you need us. (888) 424-5757